Our Organization has a Department to process Aids and Subsidies related to the installation and start-up of Projects based on the    E-GESTINT Platforms, in the following terms:

. Adapting them to the specific needs of each client.

. Connection with Points of Sale Terminals and similar for the Hostelry and Commerce Sectors.

. Connection with ON-LINE Stores, in different languages. Taking into account the different languages ​​in which the Platforms work.

. Connection with other types of Terminals.

Some of the aids and subsidies that are published are associated with a Business Project (for example, including the development of a WEB among other topics), to make said investment workable and, like that, approve the operation. We can also develop it. Even at the level of Organization and C omputer Consulting.

Issues such as the use of Export Platforms are also considered in some lines of Aid and Subsidies.

As WEB-CLOUD Applications, there are certain European Funds and specific lines for these products. They are worth considering.

It is important to PREVENT the Project to be carried out so that, when they are published, to be able to react quickly. Most work in order of receipt and are processed electronically.

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