The Applications have two different lines: Self-employed and Companies. The first is designed for use at the level of Self-Employed or Communities of Assets and that of Societies for all types of civil companies, mercantile, Associations, Foundations, Political Parties and, in general, all those organizations that must comply with the Plan General Accountant.

. Self-employed. The Diagram Block defines the basic functions. It currently allows working in Spanish, Catalan, French, English and German, and has the following characteristics:

. Monthly and instantaneous Operating Account. Once the data has been entered, the user knows if he makes or loses money in his Economic or Professional Activity. The expense items are already predefined and practically coincide with those displayed in form 100 of the Tax Agency’s Income Statement, therefore make it easier their preparation.

. I.V.A. forecasts and I.R.P.F. The result of the VAT is displayed and withholdings, whether for Professionals or Rentals. In this way you can know what is the amount of IVA or IRPF to pay in advance of filing taxes. The preview of the 347 model allows calculations of purchases and sales from a certain amount, in addition to the 3.005 euros of Tax.

The introduction of invoices issued is easy and fast and is prepared for three different types of IVA and Equivalence Surcharge.

. Allows you to generate Direct Invoices.

. Generates lists of invoices issued, received, expenses, intra-community, export, as well as the type of Investment of the passive person. Listed according to the counterparts applied together with their percentages.

. Societies. The Block Diagram defines the basic functions. It currently allows working in Spanish, Catalan and English and has the following characteristics:

  • It has all the integrated management circuit. From the preparation of orders, whether for sales or purchases, to the generation of bank remittances.
  • The Invoices, Delivery Notes and Orders options are reversible. That means that, at all times the system controls how an invoice has been generated and, the cancellation of it, automatically goes to the delivery note option.
  • Proforma invoices, delivery notes, estimates. Buying and selling channels.
  • Periodic billing. That it’s very interesting for Schools, Training Centers, Maintenance Companies and, in general, for all those activities that require a repeat billing.
  • Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts for periods. Programmable Operating Account.
  • Tax forecasts, I.V.A., I.R.P.F. Professionals.
  • Detailed information on import, export, intra-community invoices.
  • Interaction between Billing and Accounting. The assess invoices can be discounted as many times as necessary, modified and re-posted, also updating the Bill of Exchange Portfolio.
  • Verification of the I.V.A. integrating balances of lists of invoices issued and received and of the accounting accounts of the I.V.A.
  • Portfolio of Charges and Payments for 12 months. Also with open concepts to define monthly Paysheets, Social Security, Taxes, etc. It is highly developed for activities that have relatively long collection and payment terms.
  • Possibility of modifying the structure of the Balance Sheets and the Profit and Loss Account.